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Smoked Bloom Eau de Parfum

Libertine Fragrance

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PROFILE | Floral, Fruity, Smoky, Ethereal

KEY NOTES | Apricot - Osmanthus - Vetiver

We bask naked in the nectar of the island’s golden treasure. Amber glints of splintered sunset rise from rolling waves. A sentry wisp of smoke rises from our growing fire. They came claiming conquering but their names now whisper forgotten and their ash feeds our supple soil.

Scent Notes

TOP | Bergamot, Bay Leaf, Apricot

HEART | Osmanthus, Wildflowers, Herbal Notes

BASE | Vetiver, Sandalwood, White Musk


Eau de parfums are blended with pure organic perfumers alcohol. All Libertine scents are vegan, cruelty free, and derived from a blend of natural and synthetic materials, especially where the natural equivalent faces sustainability or safety concerns.
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