SOUVENIR is an ongoing exploration of mementos for the living, an ode to the treasures and keepsakes that hold our memories. With the philosophy that objects enrich our lives and spaces with stories — their own and in turn, our own — each item is selected to both move you and give you a moment of pause. It is our hope that these tokens of beauty and meaning will become an integral part of your lives — a reflection of who you were, who you are, or who you’ll become.

SOUVENIR officially began its story in 2013 with the support of friend and brand partner Trisha Craigen. Its first iteration was a series of curated seasonal pop-ups that took place in galleries around Toronto. After opening its current permanent location in 2015, SOUVENIR began offering curated objects that challenge the definitions of beauty and function to a dynamic creative community on College West.

With a focus on spotlighting emerging Canadian and international voices, the shop and pop-ups have supported over 200 independent designers and artists, with an intentional focus on works made in Canada. Featured pieces — often unique and/or exclusive to SOUVENIR — are executed with a high level of quality and attention to detail. While each stands alone, they are regularly presented in conceptual and seasonal collections a tribute to the beautiful alchemy that is created when different materials, shapes, and histories come together. 

SOUVENIR is a welcoming and inclusive space, providing a calm yet energizing atmosphere in which to engage in dialogue with the objects, each other — or simply one’s own reflections.

1232 College Street
Toronto, M6H 1C2

Wednesday to Saturday

647 350 1232

SOUVENIR Owner & Creative Director Danielle Suppa is a designer, product developer, and avid champion of beauty. Harnessing her own personal taste and love of design with an eye on emerging trends and new voices, Danielle hand-selects every piece in the shop to be a reflection of the life and home she wants for herself. 

She also conceptualizes and curates unique collections to showcase SOUVENIR’s product selection in inspiring and unexpected ways, allowing visitors to perceive these objects of beauty in a new light. She works closely with each artist to hone the shop’s assortment, creating one-of-a-kind collaborative products and shop exclusives.

SOUVENIR is also a home for Danielle’s creative and design practice, which emerges through select projects for private clients and other small businesses, as well the SOUVENIR in-house brand.

For more information on her design and creative services, see STUDIO.

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