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Binu Binu

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Subtly evocative scents for daily rituals.

SANDALWOOD | A warm classic; wood layered with clove and musk.

CYPRESS | A walk in an ancient tree forest or sitting in a hinoki cypress sauna.

SEOYE INK | Inspired by seoye, the Korean art of calligraphy; herbacous and woody with notes of pine.

SEASCAPE | An homage to where the sea meets sky; salt water and mountain mist, earthy driftwood and mineral stone notes. 

GREEN TEA | A clean tea experience.

HYDRANGEA TEA | Sweet and subtly mountain florals float upon a soft herbal base. 




Wood powder & fragrance oils. Approximately 5.5" L.


Approximately 40 - 70 sticks per box, depending on scent. Sticks come bundled and packaged in a wooden box covered in Hanji-style paper.
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