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Incense Cones

Libertine Fragrance

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A modern and unexpected take on an ancient perfume form. Essences of rare plants and resins whisp gently through your space, filling your home with a gentle burning plume and lingering fragrance. 

GUAIACWOOD + BERGAMOT | Citrus, Desert Lavender, Guaiacwood

HINOKI + MOSS | Hinoki Wood (Japanese Cypress), Cedar Wood, Moss

SAFFRON + OUD | Saffron, Leather, Oud Accord, Nargaramoth

CRIMSON PINE (Limited Edition) | Woody, Resinous, Terpenic


20 - 25 cones per can; 25- 30 minute burn time. Scent lingers for 2-3 hours. Burn on flame resistant surface, do not leave unattended.
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